Green Kitty Loves to Cook (Board Book)

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"Green Kitty Loves to Cook" is the second book of the Maomi Series, designed for children from ages 2+.  Written in the signature style of the Maomi Series, the storyline is delivered in a rhyming format with a strong repeating cadence, making the book catchy and fun.  The text is supported by inline pin yin to help with pronunciations of new vocabulary.  In addition, an english translation of the storyline is provided in the back of the book.  

The book follows the Green Kitty in a day of culinary delights as he hosts a dinner party for the multi-colored kitties and other animal friends.  The Green Kitty starts off the day by preparing a hearty breakfast before venturing out to the fresh food market to buy ingredients.  The Green Kitty cooks rice, prepare a stir fry and grills some satay sticks for his friends.  After inviting his friends into his home for a delicious meal and a yummy desert, the whole pack goes to the bathroom to wash their hands.  At the end of the day, Green Kitty says farewell to his friends.