Purple Kitty and the Musical Challenge (Board Book)

Purple Kitty and the Musical Challenge (Board Book)

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"Purple Kitty and the Musical Challenge" is the fifth book of the Maomi Series, designed for children from ages 2+.  Written in the signature style of the Maomi Series, the storyline is delivered in a rhyming format with a strong repeating cadence, making the book catchy and fun.  The text is supported by inline pin yin to help with pronunciations of new vocabulary.  In addition, an english translation of the storyline is provided in the back of the book.  


Join the Purple Kitty on her musical adventure as she works hard to prepare for a school performance and encounters an unexpected problem 2 days before the show. The other kitty friends come to her rescue and together they overcome the obstacles and put together a spectacular show! 

As young children begin to interact with others and become more independent, they are bound to experience situations where unexpected problems and setbacks occur. This book presents concepts around overcoming adversity, positive thinking and the power of teamwork. 

*Maomi App Bonus* Use the special class code included in the new Purple Kitty book to unlock 400+ words that appeared in all 5 of the kitty books - a great way for children to reinforce and remember the words they saw in the books! (Unlock FREE for 3 months)