About Us

We are moms who were both brought up in an English/Chinese bilingual environment and hoping to be able to do the same for the two little ones that have joined our family in the past two years.

Whilst we managed to find great timeless classics like Goodnight Moon, Gruffallo, Dr. Seuss, Sarah Boyton etc. to read to our little ones in English, we had trouble finding Chinese children books that, to our minds, were equally interesting and catchy.  

Not to mention those awkward moments when we got stumped by chinese characters that we've forgotten how to pronounce in mandarin!

We wrote these books in hopes that our little ones will find chinese learning fun and engaging (along with pinyin so no more awkward pauses).  We hope you will enjoy it too!


Our two little ones


Our Biographies


Alice Cheng graduated from Queen's University in Canada with a Bachelors degree in Material Engineering.  She subsequently received an MBA and a Masters degree in Psychology in Hong Kong and served as a corporate executive for a Fortune 100 company in the energy industry for over 10 years. After spending a few years in New York and Tokyo, Alice now lives in Taipei and pursuing her newfound interest as a gem cutter and jewellery designer. 

Lily Cheng graduated from University of Cambridge in the UK with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Engineering.  For the past 15 years, Lily has served in various corporate roles including APAC President for one of the leading online travel companies in the world. Currently Lily serves on the Board of Directors for publicly-listed as well as private companies/startup and codes A.I. engines for fun (hence, obsession about neurons).  After 10 years in Beijing, Singapore and London, Lily now lives in Hong Kong.