Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is the Chinese text written in traditional or simplified characters?

A:  All of the books are produced in traditional chinese characters.

Q:  What exactly is Pin Yin?  How do I pronounce it?  

A:  Pin Yin is a special system for "spelling" out mandarin character pronunciations using the english alphabet.  For more details, please refer to our Pin Yin guide here.  For more help, you can also refer to our videos.  

Q:  Does Maomi Books ship to anywhere in the world?  How long does it take?

A:  All of our products are fulfilled out of Hong Kong so if you are ordering from outside of Hong Kong, please allow for a bit of time (normally 7-14 working days) for the products to arrive.  Please note that in order to keep the shipping costs free for our customers, we use standard international shipping services so we cannot guarantee an exact arrival date - we ask for your understanding.

  • For Hong Kong orders, we ship using Local Mail so please allow for a few working days for delivery
  • For the following countries (United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam), we use a service called E-Express and it normally takes 7-14 working days for delivery
  • For all other countries, we use Air Mail and delivery times depend on the specific country. There may be some countries where we cannot support at this stage.  If you place an order for a location we cannot support, we will contact you and refund your order, so don't worry!

Q:  I need to receive the products urgently and willing to pay for courier service.  What can I do?

A:  For special requests, please use the contact form to let us know your requests.  We will try our best to respond to you on the next working day.  

Q:  I want to place a bulk order, can I get discount pricing?

A:  We would be happy to consider volume pricing for bulk orders.  Please us the contact form to let us know the products that you need, order quantity and shipment location.  We will get back to you with a quotation.