Maomi Stars App - Subscription

Maomi Stars App - Subscription

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Buy a subscription to Maomi Stars App directly with us to unlock cross-platform functionality, get access to printables and more!

Currently, when you subscribe through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, your subscription information is with them, not with us... so you cannot use the same subscription across IOS and Android devices logged into different appleIDs or Google Play accounts.  If you subscribe directly with us, you can!

  • 3 months:  $45
  • 6 months:  $75 (15% off App Store list price)
  • 12 months:  $125 (30% off App Store list price)

    At check-out, please use the same email address you used to register your Maomi Stars App account. The subscription will be activated directly into your account within 2 working days.  

    Any issues, or if you want to request the subscription to be activated for a different email address, please email us at with your order number.