Goodnight Yellow Kitty  (Board Book + Finger Puppet)

Goodnight Yellow Kitty (Board Book + Finger Puppet)

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***Yellow Kitty board book is currently backordered and is available only in the 5-book bundle set. Free PDF file is still available for download :)***

"Goodnight Yellow Kitty" is the third book of the Maomi Series, designed for children from ages 2+.  Written in the signature style of the Maomi Series, the storyline is delivered in a rhyming format with a strong repeating cadence, making the book catchy and fun.  The text is supported by inline pin yin to help with pronunciations of new vocabulary.  In addition, an english translation of the storyline is provided in the back of the book.  

Snuggle up with the imaginative Yellow Kitty as she falls asleep counting sheep.  As Yellow Kitty counts up, she discovers that each set of sheep are engaged in all sorts of fantastical activities from meeting dinosaurs while strolling through a park to embarking on a space voyage to visit a black hole.  The book introduces concepts around counting and learning how to fall asleep independently in a fun and creative way. 

The set includes a sturdy board book and a handmade Yellow Kitty finger puppet.  Additional puppets can be purchased separately.