Math Book Bundle: Math & Measurement Interactive Books

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Regarding the Sunya Math Books: These are hardcover books written in Traditional Chinese designed to present young children math and measurement concepts in fun and intuitive ways.  For more info and more pictures please refer to FB post in the Cantonese Parents Group!


OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Maomi Board Books

Offered in this bundle at $10 per Maomi book, 22% off list price!

Maomi Books feature 7 coloured kitties, each with their own talents and personalities.  The books are written in Traditional Chinese as a Mandarin rhyme.   The storylines are delivered in with a strong repeating cadence, making the book catchy and fun for children age 0+.  The text is supported by inline Pin Yin to help non-native parents and children with mandarin pronunciations.  In addition, an english translation of the storyline is provided in the back of the book.  More info here

Please choose maximum of 2 Maomi Books (there are 4 to choose from).  Maximum due to weight limit of total 2kg.